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SUNNGROUP assists European companies with cross-country assignments, joint venture assessment, credit checks and quality control.

SUNNGROUP believes in a transparent business philosophy, with the utmost dedication and professionalism, giving their clients the most honest and outstanding results possible.

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Based near Antwerpen (Belgium), SunnGroup is an on-the-ground, market research and consulting firm providing practical in-country assistance in CHINA to a wide-range of multinational businesses. In a competitive environment, our company has secured the trust of clients through our flexibility, innovation, and devotion to ensuring the ongoing SUCCESS of clients in China.

What we provide as a result of our six years of experience consulting clients in China and through carefully structured global and local strategic alliances, SunnGroup can offer clients an extensive of resources and knowledge to tailor research and services to fit specific needs.

After identifying a client's key issues and requirements, SunnGroup collects information through primary and secondary research, including interview programs with key government and industry figures. SunnGroup is also uniquely positioned to execute interview programs in China's rapidly growing private enterprise arena.

The final product includes analyses and recommendations that fit within the regulatory framework of the client's business. SunnGroup can develop a detailed work proposal for you in less than 2 working days. Delivery and payment schedules vary according to the project brief and the SunnGroup resources to be utilized. All inquiries and opinions expressed by the client will be held strictly confidential